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Julian Michael new EP

I am pleased to announce that Julian has released a new EP called Land. Get more information at his website


Julian New Album

My son, Julian Michael Burwell is a singer and songwriter. His first project “Time to Move On” was released last Thanksgiving. Well somehow in the midst of a very intense school and travel schedule just one year later he was able to write 8 new songs and record and release them on a new album. It is now available at The album is called “Ocean” and shows a real maturation in his writing and performing. I am very proud of Julian and the way he is developing in his walk with the Lord, his schooling, his character development, and as a musician. Once again he plays all instruments on this project which is just crazy to me. Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic piano, keys, etc. Please support him by checking out the album and grabbing a copy for your very own. Any purchases also support what the Lord is calling to do through Destinysong.


VOTE! Single from Time to Move On

Hey everyone, we need some help and you get to make the call! We get to submit one song from Julian’s album to an A&R rep for evaluation, and also we need to figure out which song to release on college radio. But we can’t decide! You can help us. For those of you who already know most of these tunes, please vote below. For those who don’t know the songs, you can check out some previews at Please vote and help us out!


Julian in the Studio – UPDATE

Hey, it’s been awhile since I updated on Julian’s upcoming CD so I figured I post real quick with where we are at. Tracking was a fun process and for the past few weeks I’ve been in post-production, essentially doing the final mixing for the CD. Last night I completed a “final” version of the CD and will ship it off to Julian at JBU for him to listen to and give a green light on. Here’s the album order:

1. Perfect Day
2. These Idols
3. Here With Me
4. Between Us
5. So Long My Friend
6. Rescue You
7. How Long
8. Must This all Last?
9. Lost it All
10. 1000
11. Time to Move On

Plus there is an intro track on the CD and a coda. Anyway, the album title is “Time to Move On” and Julian played everything on the CD, drums, bass, guitar, keys, piano, voice, etc. We are working on album artwork and developing a website for him. Both should be done soon. Final steps are mastering and duplication. This part costs money so we are praying in some funds so that there is no delay in releasing the album. If you want to help us out please give on our PayPal account by clicking here.

I would love to shoot for a mid-October release. Gosh it’s crazy launching a studio! For fun you can check out these videos of Julian in the studio from prior posts:–-part-2-we-roll-tonight-to-the-guitar-bite/

I have a 4th video to post, but haven’t had a chance to edit it so hopefully I’ll get that out here soon!


Julian in the Studio – Part 3: Victory Salute

More video from the Destinysong studio courtesy of my iPhone 3Gs. Watch it over and over and over again! You must!


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