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Today is a good day

Today is a good day.  I led worship this weekend and each of our 3 services was a ton of fun.  I woke up to my lovely wife of 21 years (we got married when we were 12, okay just kidding…16.  Okay just kidding…19.  Not kidding.).  I prayed and spent time in the Word.  This morning I finalized the mix on our new CD.  We finalized the cover art today as well.  I listened to a new song by one of our songwriters for critique and I liked it.  I met with my Communications Director and we discussed spreading the gospel more effectively through media.  I confirmed worship leading at Thursday’s city-wide National Day of Prayer event.  I played a prank on an admin.  I discussed design options for our August recording night for our next full length CD.  My daughter turned 16 on Saturday and today she was full of joy as she prepared for online schooling.  I gave my son permission to borrow my Les Paul for his band rehearsal tonight.  Then we discussed that after his small group later tonight he’ll come home early so we can watch an episode of “Band of Brothers.”  So all that and other things.  Today is a good day.

Okay so why is it so hard to come up with a title for this EP?  We have discussed “the spring EP” and maybe “an EP release” and also “the savior of the world EP” and finally maybe just “the EP.”  Of all the things that we have to do with this release, why is it that this title thing is so hard?  There are hard things in this world.  I was just minstering to someone and teaching them about spiritual warfare.  He’s going through a tough learning curve on the demonic.  That’s hard.  Someone in our church is dealing with cancer.  That’s hard.  Titling an EP should not be considered hard.  But we’ve been wrestling with it for days.  Seems silly right?  Right now I’m leaning towards “the EP” since it’s only a sub title and the main title is Worship:Three since it’s our 3rd CD release from Mountain Springs Church.  Okay that’s even more hilarious.  We’re so lame we can’t even come up with a subtitle.

I hope to post regularly on this blog.  I hope you all come and comment and post.  I hope to glorify God.  I hope to come up with a title for our EP.



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