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The Stand – Bad Capo

Okay here’s what happens when your worship pastor screws up and accidentally capos one fret off.  No joke.  I slammed that capo on the guitar so fast I was 1/2 step off from the rest of the band.  This might be one of the funniest things I have ever done in a live setting.  Listen as everybody in the band tries to find what key we are in.  The semi-tone dissonance borders on making you nauseas.  I want to formally apologize to the team for embarassing them in front of a full house.  This thing actually gets more hilarious the more you listen to it.  Click to listen:  The Stand – bad capo


The Tonemeister

My friend Fletch sent me this and I am posting it here for the edification of all guitarists who seek the holy grail of tone as an obsession.  Thanks Fletch!

I was reading a new colegue’s blog who I have connected with based in the U.K, thought you would relate as I do with this.


I once again caught myself thinking (as I do ) about my tone. I realized that I’ve spent a large part of my professional career focused on achieving great tone. I obsess over it, I lie awake thinking about it, indeed many of the products you’ll see in our catalogue have been inspired during periods of insomnia. So is it really that important? I could’ve just said ‘ Of course it is, don’t be stupid you plonka…get on with it’, but It’s been ingrained in me that there is no knowledge gained without thorough analysis. So i grabbed all of my favourite CD’s and started doing some investigation. I went through all the guys that really push my buttons musically. Jeff Baxter (Steely Dan), Stevie Ray, Dave Gregory(XTC), Andy Summers (Police), Niel Finn (Crowded House), Jeff Beck, Robben Ford, Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Wes Montgomery, BB King and Derek Trucks. (There’s loads more but these are the guys from the CD’s I had at hand.) I went through each track trying to work out what it was that connected with me. Each of these guys has a unique voice, there’s no confusing them, and without fail, every single one of them sound fantastic. 


So i do an experiment. I set up a rig and on purpose I make it sound ordinary. I hook up a bunch of inline buffers (6 in total) from a bunch of pedals into an amp that’s desperate for some new valves. So I know that by the time my signal hits the amp, it’s already not all it can be, and the amp’s not really singing. So how did it sound? Well, it sounded OK, I set up a rhythm loop, hit play and recorded the session to see what I come up with. Listening back, it was fine, nothing amazing but it was OK.

Next step was to re-valve my old Vox, set-up my pedal board and try again. I now know that my signal is clean and the amp is sounding really great. I hit record again to see what I come up with this time. It did feel different but listening back I was stunned to hear the way I played. I just seemed so much more connected with what I was doing. The richer harmonics in the sound led me to play different things. It was fascinating. The tone that you use is the vehicle through which your voice is heard. Suddenly my tonal obsessive compulsive disorder doesn’t seem so crazy. And the thing is, all these guys knew it as well. Think of the lengths that these guys go to to get their gear sounding right. Even guys like Derek Trucks who plug straight in still experiment loads with speakers and components to make sure that they’re squeezing every last drop of tone from the amp. Yes, it’s in the fingers and the way that you play, of course it is, but we’re not talking acoustic guitars here people. If the tone isn’t right, your fingers are going to struggle.

My life has been validated. What a relief.


Song of Living Praise

Click Here to Listen: Song of Living Praise  As most of you know, we’re all about writing a new song to the Lord here at MSC.  We just recorded a Concert of Praise and over the next few months we’ll be producing it and creating our 4th CD.  In preparation for that event we recorded some of our church services and created some demos of songs so the team could rehearse with them and learn the tunes for ongoing church services and also the Concert.  I am going to start posting some of these songs out here for you all to enjoy.  First is “Song of Living Praise.”  This song was inspired by many scriptures but the keys ones are Romans 12:1 and Acts 1:8.  Here are the lyrics, enjoy the tune (recorded post-service on a Sunday morning). 

Song of Living Praise

Verse 1
You poured Your Spirit out on us
A Father’s love displayed in grace
Now that I’ve tasted living water
I sing a song of living praise

To be a witness for Your glory
A banner of Your love
Lord I’ll live to tell the story
Of Your grace,     of Your unfailing love

Verse 2
And where Your rivers go they heal us
Now there is life where there was death
We are Your chosen generation
Our lives a song of living praise

And I’m ready now, Lord send me out
To sing a song of a heart set free
I will be Your hands and feet

Copyright 2009 Destinysong


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