By Mike

Easter 2008.  I will say this is likely my favorite program we ever did (and we did it 5 times that weekend!).  Plus it was a first in that we played originals in the Easter service for the first time.  The service you see here (6:30PM Saturday) is the performance where “With all the Heavens” and “Salvation’s Story” from worship:three CD came from (100% live)!  The band is amazing, the kids were amazing, the choir was amazing, the worship leaders were amazing, the lights were amazing, the sound was amazing, the tech crew was amazing…bottom line, it was amazing!  (Might take a long time to load based on your internet connection speed)

This is the Easter Celebration Service program from 2007. We had dance, almost 100 children’s worshippers, choir, live strings (and trumpet on the prelude!), and a rocking youth vocal ensemble. We did this service 6 times that weekend with overflow rooms in addition to the new sanctuary. (In fact I did the whole weekend with pneumonia and did not even know it! Ugh, I was sick for 6 weeks).

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Here is the Easter Celebration Service program from 2006 complete with dance, kids choir, children’s worshippers, and the very first year we had a choir! Yes, this is in the old sanctuary. We ran 6 services that weekend with overflow in 2 locations (including a live feed to the Summit Center!).

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  1. 1 Rob
    January 9, 2009 at 2:04 am

    You ask “wouldn’t you just love to have this recording on CD to listen to over and over and over?”….Why…YES! So I’ll ask again: will you ever mix this stuff down for a CD? There is so much amazing, original, worshipful music here…

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