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Summer is here, or is it?

I just came home from the airport where I dropped my son off so he can go out of the country for 10 weeks. We did the same thing last year, and it seems we do that most years with him. So now that he is on his way I wondered if this meant that Summer is actually here? The weather has finally warmed up a bit which is a good sign. The sprinklers are currently going outside as we attempt to grow new grass at our Black Forest patch of dirt (okay to be fair, we have grass elsewhere on the property, we’re just hoping to grow it up a bit right out our front door). The Miller moths are swarming and I have albums to mix (2 of them!). Seems like during the Summer I spend many hours in the studio mixing stuff. I am not sure that ever really changes throughout the year, but Summer turns up the heat on studio activity for some reason. I worked hard in the Spring learning a lot of new technique in the studio (and I think my mixes are improving, who knows, it is a never ending cycle). So yeah, I am ready to say Summer is here. I know we could still get some Spring-like weather such as a strange dump of snow (just heard that some ski resorts might stay open until July 4th!). But I like warmth, it makes me happy. So I’ll go there and say Summer is here. Plus, I had an air conditioner given to me for the studio and putting in an air conditioner has Summer written all over it. I get a little nervous about cutting holes in walls so hopefully I can recruit a friend to wield the saw sometime in the next few weeks.

So while my son minsters to drug addicts and AIDS victims for the next 2 1/2 months, I’ll be mixing his latest album “Land” and praising God for my wonderful life. Look for a Fall release of Kirby Beneventi’s new project as well. And yes, I still hope to complete that worship album sometime this year. I got a lot on my plate and its all good. I pray you all are as blessed.

P.S. The resource site is continuing to inch forward and we’re working on more music, so thanks so all of you who continue to ask about how it’s going and pray for us. And if you ever want to hang out in a worship service with us, check out New Covenant Church in Larkspur. We’re there every week!



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