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Julian in the Studio 5: a few long days

Hey, check out Julian’s website if you want to watch a new video of him in the studio featuring 5 seconds of our guest bassist TOM SNIDER!

Or you could just see it below…


Free to Worship

Last Sunday at church I gave the message and now it’s available on the Vineyard CS website to listen to. Giving the message was a ton of fun. As always I had too much material but that’s what you get when you only speak once in a while, I’m such a preaching noob. I had two sermons packed into one, but with a title like “Free to Worship” there’s a lot of territory to cover.

Below is the Freedom Grid I discuss in the message if you want to follow along but you can also access it on the Vineyard site. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to the message posted on the Vineyard website (will open a new window).

image (c) 2009 Destinysong, Inc. used by permission all rights reserved

By the way, the video referenced in the sermon can be seen here. It’s pretty much amazing.


Delirious? Testimony

Okay, obviously Delirious? is amazing. Read this testimony someone wrote in to the band on their History Makers blog. It will show you how much God really cares for each and every one of us, and also what an act of obedience (on the band’s part and on this friend’s part) can do. It can save a life. Literally:

“A few years ago I went to the delirious? gig in Liverpool on the World Service Tour. During Every Little Thing, Martin asked us to ring a friend and let them listen to the song. A friend of mine had been unable to make the gig, I rung him, let him listen to the chorus a couple of times and hung up – didn’t want to waste my credit! That Sunday at church he gave the following testimony: A couple of months back he had started to slip away from God. He had been having problems at home and these were getting him down. He started to hang around with the wrong crowd and get involved in drink and drugs. Things got so bad that he decided to end his own life. He went into the bathroom and picked up some razor blades ready to slash his wrists and kill himself. Just then his phone rang and it was me saying “Mate,we are at a delirious concert, listen to this …”Every Little things, Gonna Be Alright””. Thesong and more importantly the timing of it, gave him hope for the future. He obviously didn’t take his own life and still alive and well today! When I heard this testimony I just went numb. What I did, as a fun thing at a d: gig, saved someones life.I just want to thank God, for working the whole timing out – it was amazing how they played the song, just at the right time. I also want to honour Martin and delirious for being faithful, for listening to God and for making a difference. – Andrew”

This photo is Martin reading scripture at the show we went to Saturday night. Their last show in America.
Mart Smith at last Delirious? gig in America


Julian’s website

Hey, Julian’s website is now live and we’re stoked about that. He’s setup with song samples, photos, videos, etc. Check it out and support his indie release of “Time to Move On.” Album pre-order and such is going to be updated on the site very soon.

Yes Ted, the CD will be less than $15. 😉


Julian in the Studio 4: to fail or not to fail

Okay, here we go, another brand new short of Julian in the studio.

And yes, we have the CD mastered and it might be released as soon as a month from now!!! Enjoy the vid:


The Girls of Mayfield-JBU Improv

These guys came up with this song after girls from Mayfield Dorm at JBU no-showed on a movie night. I think you’ll recognize one of the players in the vid. Enjoy.


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