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Free download of Julian’s Music!

Hey, check this out, go here and you can get 2 of Julian’s songs for freeeee!


Losing My Religion?

Once when I was covering the pastor-on-call an email came through from a church member asking about whether or not we can lose our salvation. Here is my answer:

We believe that once saved, always saved.  This is known by the term “perseverance of the Saints.”  I.e. if someone is saved, and they persevere to the end of their life here on earth as saved, they are truly born again.  We hold to a reformed theology on this subject, that a truly born again individual cannot lose their faith.  John 6:38-40 shows that “every one who sees the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”  Another scripture is John 10:27-29 where we read “…I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish…and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.”  Many more passages exist to support the view of the perseverance of the Saints including Romans 8:1 and 8:30.  Ephesians 1 says we are “sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit” and it is the “guarantee of our inheritance.”  There are so many other passages to support this perspective.  There are people who are close to the church that appear as if they have a genuine saving faith, but actually don’t. The best example I can think of is Judas who apparently exhibited saving faith but ultimately was not truly saved (Jesus called him the “devil”).  And also Jesus says in Matthew 7 “Not everyone who says to me “Lord, Lord” shall enter the kingdom…”  If a person exhibits behavior that does not line up with one of a saved, and sanctified individual, it calls into question whether or not they were truly saved to begin with.  As I said, we do not believe that you can lose your salvation.  The Armenian view that you can lose your salvation often uses Hebrews 6:4-6 as the main basis for their argument: 

For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, if they fall away,to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame. For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from God; but if it bears thorns and briers, it is rejected and near to being cursed, whose end is to be burned – Hebrews 6:4-8 (NKJV)

In this scriptural example (reading on through verses 7 and 8), those who receive final judgment are compared to land which bears no fruit but rather bears thorns and thistles.  It appears that the author of Hebrews is referring to fruitlessness, and in scripture we see this as a sign of someone who is not a believer (see Matt 3:8-10; 7:15-20; 12:33-35). I.e. if you bear no fruit, you are likely not saved.  In John 15 Jesus says “every branch of mine that bears no fruit…” showing that there are branches that are fruitless.  Armenians use this verse to imply that branches that bear no fruit are still true branches on the vine.  We would say they are counterfeits. The term “enlightened” in verse 4 of the Hebrews passage simply means that they understand the truth of the Gospel, not that they have entered into a saving faith.  The argument for losing your faith is just not convincing enough when we have so much overwhelming evidence to support the reformed view.


Julian in the Studio 7

Okay so this is fun, the final video blog for Julian’s new album has now posted. Sweet! Secondly, the CD is here. YES it’s true! It’s here, sitting in boxes in the studio, waiting for Julian to arrive from JBU so we can all open it together. How fun is that? If you go to you can order the CD. Buy a copy to support Julian and our little recording studio in the Black Forest! Thank you.


Julian in the Studio 6

Hey, there’s a new video out for you to see. Julian’s album is really close to being here (next week in fact). Have fun!


Julian in the Studio 5: a few long days

Hey, check out Julian’s website if you want to watch a new video of him in the studio featuring 5 seconds of our guest bassist TOM SNIDER!

Or you could just see it below…


Free to Worship

Last Sunday at church I gave the message and now it’s available on the Vineyard CS website to listen to. Giving the message was a ton of fun. As always I had too much material but that’s what you get when you only speak once in a while, I’m such a preaching noob. I had two sermons packed into one, but with a title like “Free to Worship” there’s a lot of territory to cover.

Below is the Freedom Grid I discuss in the message if you want to follow along but you can also access it on the Vineyard site. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to the message posted on the Vineyard website (will open a new window).

image (c) 2009 Destinysong, Inc. used by permission all rights reserved

By the way, the video referenced in the sermon can be seen here. It’s pretty much amazing.


Julian in the Studio 4: to fail or not to fail

Okay, here we go, another brand new short of Julian in the studio.

And yes, we have the CD mastered and it might be released as soon as a month from now!!! Enjoy the vid:


The Girls of Mayfield-JBU Improv

These guys came up with this song after girls from Mayfield Dorm at JBU no-showed on a movie night. I think you’ll recognize one of the players in the vid. Enjoy.


Julian in the Studio – UPDATE II

1. Editing a new video of recording in the studio – to be posted soon
2. Creating the content pages for website – October launch?
3. Deciding if spending the $ on mastering is worth it unless you go with someone who costs $$$$
4. Waiting on final artwork for the CD jacket…
5. Having a guest musician (Tom Snider!) come in and record bass tonight on “These Idols” as the last tracking on the CD
6. Final mixing to be done tomorrow and Thursday – whoopee!
7. Deciding should we go with CD Baby or TuneCore…hmmmm
8. Happy when it’s finally out there and done!


Julian in the Studio – UPDATE

Hey, it’s been awhile since I updated on Julian’s upcoming CD so I figured I post real quick with where we are at. Tracking was a fun process and for the past few weeks I’ve been in post-production, essentially doing the final mixing for the CD. Last night I completed a “final” version of the CD and will ship it off to Julian at JBU for him to listen to and give a green light on. Here’s the album order:

1. Perfect Day
2. These Idols
3. Here With Me
4. Between Us
5. So Long My Friend
6. Rescue You
7. How Long
8. Must This all Last?
9. Lost it All
10. 1000
11. Time to Move On

Plus there is an intro track on the CD and a coda. Anyway, the album title is “Time to Move On” and Julian played everything on the CD, drums, bass, guitar, keys, piano, voice, etc. We are working on album artwork and developing a website for him. Both should be done soon. Final steps are mastering and duplication. This part costs money so we are praying in some funds so that there is no delay in releasing the album. If you want to help us out please give on our PayPal account by clicking here.

I would love to shoot for a mid-October release. Gosh it’s crazy launching a studio! For fun you can check out these videos of Julian in the studio from prior posts:–-part-2-we-roll-tonight-to-the-guitar-bite/

I have a 4th video to post, but haven’t had a chance to edit it so hopefully I’ll get that out here soon!


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