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We Need More Holy Spirit!

Just today as I was listening to one of my favorite worship CD’s a thought popped into my head.  I don’t hear modern worship songs sing about the Holy Spirit anymore.  I haven’t done any real research on this, but in my recollection of popular songs about the third part of the Trinity I can only think of “Holy Spirit Rain Down” by Russell Fragar out at Hillsong, and that’s from 1997!  That was 12 years ago!  I did a search on the word “spirit” in my iTunes to see if I was mistaken (or just had short term memory loss) and here’s what I came up with:

Holy Spirit Rain Down – Hillsong

Spirit in the Sky – The Blind Boys of Alabama (don’t be fooled, this is a secular song from 1969 by Norman Greenbaum)

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Spirits in the Material World – The Police

The Spirit of Radio – Rush

A seminar by Tim Hughes called “Spirit-Led Worship”

Dance of the Blessed Spirits – Christoph Gluck (Baroque music from mid-1700’s)

Okay so why is the Spirit absent from most modern day worship lyrics?  I taught about the personhood of the Holy Spirit at a songwriting event and the bottom line is that scripture clearly shows that the Holy Spirit is God, God is the Holy Spirit.  We can refer to the Spirit as “He” in our songs, prayers, and conversation.  The Holy Spirit is our “counselor” and “helper,” the very Spirit of God that dwells within each believer, yes I’m referring to the third person of the trinitarian God we believe in (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).  So I just wonder what about the Holy Spirit is causing the modern-day worship movement to avoid Him?  I don’t have an answer since I haven’t fully developed this thought.  But I will suggest that Christians in general are afraid of Holy Spirit.  I mean, the Spirit has done some things in church history that cause us to scratch our heads at times (not the least of which is speaking in tongues, ergo “They’re drunk on cheap wine!” Acts 2:13).  Fear of the Holy Spirit and what He will do and has done through man has caused denominations to split, judgements to happen, excesses to occur, and in the absence of the Spirit we find dry, dead Christians and churches.  So has fear, and fear of not being politically correct, driven Christians to avoid the Holy Spirit? Some have called the dilemma of the modern church the “de-Christianization” of the world.  So here’s a huge leap, could it be that we are not properly honoring the personhood of God that Jesus came to earth to leave us and now God is withholding His favor?  Do not fall into this trap.  Not worshipping the Holy Spirit means we are not worshipping God!  I am guilty of this same thing in my songwriting in that I only have a few songs where I mention the Spirit (“You poured Your Spirit out on us, a Father’s love displayed in grace” from ‘Song of Living Praise’ comes to mind).  God please forgive us.  We need more Holy Spirit!



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