Sir Lancelot!

Lance is back!  Yes indeed the news has circulated that Lance Armstrong is going to come back to professional road racing.  He said he wants to launch an international awareness campaign for cancer.  Pastor Daniel asked me if I thought he could win an 8th Tour de France and here are my thoughts:

It’s a long shot.  And everyone in the whole cycling world worth their salt will be training like crazy the whole next year to beat him.  But honestly?  Yes, even at 37 I think he could do it.  He is one of the most pure athletes in the whole history of the world.  His mental disposition and physicality basically make him that way. 


He is going to publically post every single off-season drug test online for the whole next year so people will all know he is drug free.  Amazing.  He’s hard core.


Dude, he came in 2nd in the Leadville 100 by only 90 seconds.  That’s one of the top 3 most difficult mountain bike races in the world (others are in Argentina and Canada but those are multi-day stage races).  You know the only thing harder than the Tour?  Mountain Biking.  It’s insane.  The guy is just a perfect fit for the bike in every way.


We won’t be hearing much about Michael Phelps again if Lance pulls this one off.


3 Responses to “Sir Lancelot!”

  1. 1 Julian
    September 14, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    I can’t believe he’s coming back to the Tour, and even more still that he is going to publically put out all his tests. That proves to me that he was always drug-free amidst all the hubub about his “doping.”

    Also, I hope Lance does crush everyone becuase of Michael Phelp’s teammate’s statment at the Olympics where he said, “A gold medal (of a 30 second race) is way better than any Tour de France Victory”

    5 hours a day in the saddle, thousands of miles over 21 days. Yeah…You be the judge.


  2. 2 Jasmine
    September 15, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Yes, we would hope to not hear any more about Michael Phelps…

    I think that it is really smart of him to post all his drug tests because that really does show that he’s drug free. He’s pretty hardcore. I hope he wins the 8th one, just so he can stomp on all the people who say he’s been doping. And wasn’t there that one scientist who switched his blood work? It upsets me to think that someone would be so deceptive to try and make another person who has worked really hard look bad.

    I’m rooting for him!


  3. October 11, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    Okay so I wondered if Armstrong’s decision to come back would be met with negativity, and I assumed it would be on other shores (notably the scientist in Austrailia who thinks he found EPO patterns in a 1999 urine sample), but what I didn’t expect is cynicism from the USA. Silly me. Americans have a way of eating their young and here is an example:


    Comparing Lance Armstrong to Mark McGwire or for that matter Cycling as a sport to Baseball is, of course, rediculous. What was this guy thinking? Maybe I shouln’t read Georgetown’s Newspaper anymore…

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