Concert of Praise/Recording Night

This Friday night we are having a Concert of Praise at MSC.  We do these intentionally throughout the year when I feel the Lord is speaking to us that we should gather with abandon in praise and worship of Him.  They are different from our regular weekend church services in that the music time is a bit longer (hence the moniker “concert”), a bit more passionate, a bit more intimate, and a bit louder. 

This night is significant in that it will be a launching for our church in to the Fall season.  It feels as though we have entered a new season at the church as well and hopefully this night will be especially glorifying to God and unifying for the body. 

This night is also significant because we’re only going to play songs written by members of the MSC worship team and record the event to become our next full-length live worship CD (targeted for release in Spring 09).  The team is fasting, praying, and doing a book study together.  This is warfare on many levels and I believe we are going to birth something in our church in praise and worship.  It makes sense therefore that there is spiritual warfare happening.  But what we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven an we’re loosing joy and adoration of Jesus Christ and I have to believe that in the heavenlies there will be victories as well. 

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  1. September 12, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    . Friday night’s Concert of Praise was one of the most impactful and amazing events I have ever been a privilege to be a part of. It was interesting in several ways. In the middle of the event I was led to go ahead with the ministry time as the Lord had shown me to do and the Spirit moved powerfully in people’s lives. This was a huge highlight. Then a little later as we sang “Holy, holy, worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb” I was a participant in, and witnessed one of the most amazing displays of throne room worship on this earth I have ever seen. It was an amazing time. The team was ULTRA unified and ministered with excellence. The spiritual preparation was foundational to having success. This was just awesome. Finally, God spoke to leadership in powerful ways. Pastor’s have shared testimonies with me that 8/22 will be a date that will always go down as transforming. Dina looked up that date and 8 means “regeneration” and 22 means “light.” I believe that the transformation at MSC we have been working through converged this weekend in a powerful way. And yes, we captured the whole thing in a recording.

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